Happenstance at Ray's Jazz


Ray's Jazz
113-119, Charing Cross Road
44 (0)20 7437 5660





happenstance' brings together an unlikely blend of tastes and skills. the well-honed jazz virtuosity of Chris Biscoe finds a rougher edge here. Noel Taylor, brings rapid melodic counterpoint spiced with flavours from contemporary music. Guillaume Viltard’s luminously beautiful yet quirky bass adds attack & layers of evocative sound, and all is improbably stitched together with the punkish beats of Tom Greenhalgh.

As one blogger wrote of their last appearance there: 'There's no denying the foursome's expertise in both cool jazz standards and quirky experiments - a pretty good deal for the price of a coffee and a cake on the bookshop's cosy first floor.'

Richard Noel Taylor added this event on February 19, 2013 | 494 views

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