Achim Kaufmann / Olie Brice / Roger Turner at Vortex Jazz Club


Vortex Jazz Club
11 Gillett Street
020 7254 4097




Olie Brice Olie Brice
bass, acoustic


This new trio brings one of Europe's finest pianists, Achim Kaufmann,
together with two London based improvisers, Olie Brice and Roger Turner.

Achim Kaufmann is a Berlin-based pianist. He leads a trio featuring Valdi
Kolli and Jim Black, which has released two albums on Pirouet, and has
also worked with Han Bennink, Mark Dresser, Okkyung Lee, John Hollenbeck
and Peter Brotzmann,among many others.

Double bassist Olie Brice plays with a variety of jazz and improv bands,
including the Riverloam Trio and BABs (with Alex Bonney and James
Allsopp). He has been heard recently at the Vortex with the likes of Ken...
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